Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cannon Downriggers

Today’s Cannon downriggers come straight from the factory built with a rugged combination of advanced electronics and durable mechanical engineering. JMS Online offers the full spectrum of cannon downrigger technology for both the freshwater and saltwater angler. Whether you are spending a quiet Georgia afternoon on the bass lake trolling with a Cannon mini-troll manual downrigger, fishing the Great Lakes for salmon and pike with a Magnum 10, or heading out from Oxnard to hunt for Halibut with a Cannon Digi-Troll IV, Mag 20 DT, or UniTroll 5, Canon has the downrigger to put your lure right where the fish are and maximum your chances of putting the fish in the boat where you are.Cannon’s latest breakthrough in downrigger technology came with the integration of Positive Ion Control™ (PIC) into the downrigger cable. Boats and cables create electrical charges in the water than are highly unstable and will repel fish if the charge is either a strong positive or strong negative. Cannon engineers went to work on the problem, developing PIC technology to send a controlled, slight positive charge from the downrigger into the cable itself. This lower positive charge is exactly what you need to attract fish, so not only do you eliminate the risk of spooking the fish with your equipment, you can actually attract them with a Cannon downrigger. The new Digi-Troll™ IV and the Mag 20 both come equipped with PIC and offer the added value of full adjustability so you can the voltage specific to different species of fish you are pursuing.Have you ever had the brilliant idea of fishing just above the bottom with a downrigger, only to realize that the bottom did not shape itself millions of years ago to perfectly accommodate your plans? All of us have faced the sad reality that even the best laid plans of fishermen sometimes need more adjustment than a rod and lure change. Cannon once again went to the drawing board to develop countermeasures to this problem. Today’s new downriggers, such as the Digi Troll IV, come equipped with Cannon’s exclusive Bottom Tracking feature that tracks the position of the bottom and automatically adjusts the weight to the precise distance you set. Up to four of these Cannon downriggers can “slave” in tandem behind a “master” downrigger connected to a transducer. The logic relays in each unit will then control lure placement at multiple depths, allowing you to hit not only close to the bottom, but also at mid-depths and even surface level when trolling offshore for multiple species of fish.Cannon downriggers also have developed new safety and convenience features never before available to anglers. In the past, anglers who hooked into extremely large fish also had to fight their downriggers along with their catch to get the cable and weight out of the way before the four-hour fight could begin. This can be a bit difficult with a marlin as old as the United States, or a shark the size of your boat. Cannon downriggers with new Soft Stop technology handle the downrigger for you while you handle the beast in the sea. Touch the Auto-up pad on a Magnum 10, 15, or 20 Cannon downrigger, or our deluxe Digi Troll IV, and the reel pulls in the cable with an increasingly slower retrieve rate to place the weight just below the surface where it will not swing or get in the angler’s way.Regardless of your next destination, the BoatDepot folks have the Cannon downrigger just right for you. Whether going after hybrids in mountain lakes or Great Whites off the California Coast, you can trust the best in engineering and electronics to take care of the lure while you hopefully take care of the catch of a lifetime.

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