Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fishing Carts for Beach & Pier

Not all fishing carts are made alike - the fishing cart you choose must work exactly in the same way as you expect it to, while out in the wilderness. There are many different types of fishing carts available on the market. Each one of these is designed to fit different needs, ways to fish, and places to fish. No matter what your style or the terrain of your favorite place to fish, there is sure to be one to meet your needs.

Fishing carts used for pier fishing, surf fishing, beach fishing or any freshwater or marine fishing of your choice must be supplemented with strong backup that meets your experience and technique. Identification of a loose end just before you start fishing expedition in the new location is more than disturbing. There is nothing more embarrassing than finding a broken reel or faulty fishing gear at the time you are about to begin your fishing outing.

The less expensive option when it comes to fishing carts is those designed for people who prefer to fish on a pier. They are designed to meet the basic needs of carrying around the equipment and tackle in a way that will ease the burden on the fisherman. The Reels on Wheels Economy Fishing Cart with big wheels meets this application with ease.

There are some fishing carts that are made particularly to carry along a cooler or something of the like. This works great for those who intend on toting something around to take the fish home with them in, or even just for those who want to bring along a nice lunch and some beverages for their outing. They work well for those who have no plans to fish the surf. For these outdoorsmen, the Junior and Large Reels on Wheels Carts fit the bill. Optional liners for these carts are available to add more storage space and to allow for the transport of small, easily lost, items.

The more expensive route to go with fishing carts are the ones made for surf fishing. They have larger wheels to make it easier to maneuver them through the sand and they are also constructed more sturdily to better handle the tougher conditions that they are used in. For those who surf fish, one of these surf fishing carts can be a great addition to your equipment due to the fact that much of the equipment and tackle that is required to fish the surf is heavier than average tackle and poles. This means that those who surf fish end up carrying quite a bit more weight around when they go out to fish, and a tool like this could be just what they need to lighten their load. This is the ideal terrain for the Reels on Wheels Beach Buddies, as well as the Junior and Large Reels on Wheels Carts.

A fishing cart is not essentially the single most important determining factor of successful fishing or catching the biggest bass. But, it does provide an option to keep all the essential fishing equipments like rods, reels, lures, baits, knives, tape, weighing machines etc handy. An aluminum or chrome plated lightweight fishing cart will look into the matters of holding all the essential fishing tools handy in an organized manner.

The best idea for anyone who is looking into fishing carts to try and purchase one is to do some research and take into consideration all of the different things that they will need theirs to be able to do. If you usually take along something to eat and drink then you will want one that has enough space for a cooler as well. If you are more interested in a place to store your equipment for trips to the pier and don’t plan to stay too long then all you will need is something to help you move around your equipment. Decide what you are going to need before you spend money on something that might suited to your application.

Monday, December 6, 2010 Holiday Sales Event

Biggest Holiday Savings Event in Boat Depot history! Save on baitwells, gas caddys, boat seats, battery boxes, fishing carts, boarding stairs, Toho Rigs, fisghting chairs, consoles, Reels on Wheels, Todd Marine, Tracy International, TaylorMade, Aquaworld, Kodiak and so much more.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fold and Go Dock Cushions

Fold & Go Portable Dock Cushion

The innovative Fold & Go Portable Dock Cushion is the newest boating “must-have.” Protect your boat from scratching and scraping against rough posts with the durable and portable new Fold & Go. Made of durable polyethylene with ultra-violet inhibitors, this portable dock cushion provides long-lasting protection and resistance to damage and yellowing from sunlight. The handles on the Fold & Go easily fold down to fit over any 4” or smaller round or square post and then fold up in seconds for easy onboard storage. Check them out today.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Autotether- a must have safety product for all boaters!


Boat safety is a serious issue. According to the US Coast Guard, 4,789 boating accidents were reported in 2008, which caused 3331 injuries and 709 deaths, and roughly $54 million dollars of damage. (

This could happen to you:

(St. Lucie Runaway Boat)

As the captain of your boat, it’s your job to make sure that you and your passengers are in good hands. This is why Autotether Lanyard is a must-have product for anyone who owns a boat. If you or one of your passengers falls overboard, the boat ignition immediately shuts off, and alarm will sound. Imagine taking your family out for a cruise and being able to relax and enjoy yourself knowing they’ll be safe.

Autotether is a wireless lanyard that connects right to the ignition switch. It will protect the boat operator and up to 3 passengers (including kids and pets). The captain and passengers wear small personal sensors which will transmit radio waves to the host/receiver that is connected to the ignition switch. If the captain goes overboard, the receiver will shut off the ignition within 1 ½ seconds, and alarm will sound to alert the other passengers. If a passenger falls overboard, the alarm will also sound.

Everything is done wirelessly, unlike products that “chain” the operator to the boat’s ignition. This allows you to move freely about the boat. The radio transmitter also works at a distance of 150 feet, so if the passenger is being towed behind the boat and falls overboard, the alarm will sound as well. For additional safety, there is also a red push button on the Autotether host to sound the alarm or stop the boat in case of possible danger.

Charlie Moore “the Mad Fisherman” of ESPN2’s “Beat Charlie Moore” and NESN’s “Charlie Moore Outdoors” agrees that Autotether is a product every boater needs. Check out his testimonial:

Since Autotether requires no hardwiring, it can easily be taken out of the boat and used by the pool or at the beach!

Have your child wear the Autotether sensor: if he or she goes into the water or strays over 100 feet from the receiver, the alarm will sound, letting you relax and have peace of mind!

Autotether is getting a lot of buzz. See for yourself:
Bloddy Decks Blog site

Numerous Marine Police and Government Agencies endorse and use The Autotether Products:

  • NOAA
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
  • Greenwich Marine Police (pictured below)
  • GLP Harbor Master
  • Miami-Dade Marine Police
  • Highlands County Marine Police
  • Florida Fish & Wildlife Marine Division
  • Lee County Sheriffs Marine Division
  • Polk County Sheriff Marine Division
  • Osceola County Sheriff Marine Division
  • Pinellas Sheriff Marine Division
  • Nassau County Sheriff Marine Division
  • Venice Police Marine Division
  • Sarasota Police Marine Division
  • Virginia Maritime Institute
  • Nantucket Harbormasters

Autotether is portable, powered by standard AAA batteries, and provides over 100 hours of protection.

Purchase Autotether products at Boat Depot before the summer ends!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seating for your Bass Boat

Bass boat seats and casting seats are two types of boat seats that are most commonly found on a bass boat.

Bass boats are small, and are made specifically for bass fishing, which is mostly done in freshwater. Bass boat seats are also made specifically for bass fishing purposes: the seats swivel for easy movement when catching fish, often have a lower back with no arm rests or restrictions, and fit nicely inside the small bass boat.

Casting Seats are also used in bass boats. These seats have an extremely low or almost no back and sit on top of a pedestal.

Bass boats can also use bucket seats, which sometimes have arm rests and can often be folded down, bench seats which have cushions on both the seat and backs, and usually contain a storage area underneath, and lounge seats, which are back-to-back boat seats.

It is important to choose a bass coat set with sturdy materials, such as marine grade vinyl. The boat will be subjected to salt water, the sun, and rain, so it is important for your seats to be durable. They should also be cleaned after each use.

Two of the top manufacturers in bass boat seats are Wise and Tempress. They have seats in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so it will be easy to find one to coordinate nicely with your own bass boat. These seats are high-quality and affordable, and can be found at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taco Marine: Offering Boaters Unprecedented Interchangeable Accessorizing Capability

Over the past half century, TACO® Metals has developed a reputation for introducing innovative new products and concepts to the marine marketplace that have greatly enhanced boating and fishing lifestyles. TACO’s engineers work closely with its OEMs, dealers and end-users at the outset of each new design to ensure the finished product offers outstanding value, performance and uncompromising quality. From towers and T-tops, to rub rails, to one of the most extensive lines of sportfishing equipment and accessories available today, Boat Depot relies on TACO’s expertise to help them make their own businesses succeed.

Now, the Miami-based company has expanded its product offerings to include a comprehensive, ground-breaking product line that gives boaters and anglers the unprecedented capability to accessorize and personalize their boats to suit their individual needs. TACO’s Accessory-ReadyTM cockpit system offers boaters a virtually unlimited choice of fully interchangeable, high quality products and accessories that can be used throughout their craft. Accessories can then be “swapped out” for different missions.

“Accessories can be added or removed depending on the purpose of the voyage. Fish during the day…cruise at night,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, TACO Metals marketing director.

How it works :
At the heart of the innovative system are TACO’s specially designed, patent-pending male and female Accessory-Ready Adapters, which “mate” to securely mount accessories where desired; they incorporate specially engineered splines that ensure precisely angled positioning. The adapters are incorporated into TACO’s Accessory- Ready T-top and Leaning Post, as well as being offered as an add-on for accessorizing any boat, T-top, poling platform, console or transom. These portable adapters can be clamped-on or flushmounted; the only tool required is a standard Allen wrench for tightening the locking pin and for adding and positioning the accessory. Installing and removing accessories takes just a few seconds.

TACO’s Accessory-Ready Adapters are available for multiple applications in multiple variations. Weld-on adapters allow fabricators and other OEM’s to incorporate the adapters directly into the boat, tower, bridge, arch or just about anywhere an accessory could be utilized. Portable adapters also are available in a wide assortment. Clamp-on adapters are offered in multiple sizes designed to fit pipe and tube commonly found on T-tops, railings, poling platforms and ski arches. There is also a series of adapters for mounting to flat surfaces, such as hard tops, consoles, bridges, gunwales, bulkheads, transoms, etc.

Widespread benefits:
The Accessory-Ready system offers a wealth of benefits for OEM’s, dealers, retailers and ultimately boat owners. OEM’s can add immediate value to their products by offering Accessory-Ready Adapters, allowing for customization. This system also can help to prevent damage to accessories during shipment. Unlike conventional designs with accessories welded in place, Accessory-Ready accessories can be removed prior to shipping and reinstalled once delivered. Boat dealers can readily demonstrate to their customers, right on the showroom floor, how an Accessory-Ready boat can transform from a fish boat to a cruiser in a matter of minutes. An accessory can be changed without the customer having to change the mount.

TACO offers an assortment of Accessory- Ready accessories (with adapter included), including drink holders, filet tables, knife and pliers holders. There are also a countless number of readily available marine accessories that can be conveniently added with the help of TACO Accessory-Ready Adapters, and offer cross-selling benefits to the retailer, including:
• Mounts for navigation equipment, LED displays, binoculars, camera and antennas
• Speakers, mirrors for watching towed skiers, portable fans.

Boat Depot is an authorized distributor of Taco® Metals marine products.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Choose the Best Boat Seat for You

There are many different types of boat seats available and the most important consideration in making this determination is the type of boat you have and what you will be using it for. The most common types of boat seats are:

* Leaning Posts
* Captain's Chairs
* Seat Cushions
* Swivels

Leaning Posts:
Leaning post seats are most often used for center console boats. They can function as a leaning post, a seat or a bench. Most of these types of seats have optional removable backrests and thickly clustered cushions for superior comfort. Most leaning posts type seats have four fishing rod holders and an integrated hand and foot rail. This type of seat usually costs around $750.00.
Captain's Chairs:
Captain's Chairs are usually designed for center console or flybridge use. There are many types of captain's chairs that run the gamete on quality. Top of the line captain chairs have UV stabilized polyethylene construction, extra thick clustered cushions, padded armrests on anodized aluminum mounting brackets and foot pedestals. This seat also is a slider, meaning the seat itself slides up or down for the comfort of the captain. They have a 15 inch starting pedestal.

A less expensive type of captain chair is the helm seat, which has removable snap-on cushions, 360 degree nylon spider and a 15 inch fixed height pedestal. These seats usually cost around $240.00.

Swivel Seats:
Swivel seats are especially popular on fishing boats that have a seat hole pattern to attach them onto. The benefits of swivel seats are that they are removable, can turn 360 degrees, fit most standard seat holes patterns, are self lubricating, with non-corrosive poly swivel bearings and most are made with E-coated steel which resists corrosion. Additionally, most swivel seats have a quick release mechanism that allows the seat to slide out thru plastic tracks that are mounted to the boat.

Additional Types of Boat Seats:

* Some fishing boat seats are cushions on top of ice chests with a swing backrest, allowing for seating in either direction. These swingback seats can be positioned anywhere the angler desires in the boat, or fastened to the deck in specific locations.

* Another type of boat seat is the folding or "quick flip" seat. These types of seats are easy to transport and eliminate tie down straps. They also stay dry as you can fold them up and transport them or put them inside boat storage should bad weather arise. There are numerous types of folding or "quick flip" seats in regard to quality and comfort.

* Jump seats. This type of boat seats are back to back of one another. They are usually seen on sky boats and runabouts. Most have plastic frames, cushioned seats and have dry storage underneath. They come in many different sizes, are permanently mounted into the boat and most are UV treated to provide for mildew resistance.

* Stern Seats. Stern seats are located in the back of boats. They are found on either or both sides of the engine facing the front of the boat.

* Lounge Seats. Lounge seats are boat seats that are similar to a couch in a home. More than one person can sit on them, right next to each other or they make great sun bathing seats, as a person can lay down the length of one. Most of these types of boat seats are found on walk-through windshield boats and pontoon boats.

* Bench Seats. Bench seats are popular on fishing boats as well as many recreational boats. What is great about these seats is that they are cushioned both on the seat and the back and have either a live bait well or storage area underneath.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dive N' Dog Announces ezCLEAT

Is Here:

3/8” size ezCLEAT units are in stock and ready to ship!

Get ezCLEAT today

Dive N Dog is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of ezCLEAT, retractable dock lines, in the 3/8" size! ezCLEAT is the fast, clean, easy way to tie up your boat. A pop-up cleat with a patent pending locking mechanism and an integrated, retractable line to stow under the deck will leave your deck and dock clean and free of tripping hazards. ezCLEAT units with 3/8" line are in stock now and ready for delivery.

Click here to view a demonstration video. for more information.

Dive N Dog is a fully capable stainless steel fabricator located in Naples, Florida. We proudly manufacture an extensive selection of stainless steel marine accessories including: ladders, steering wheels, rod holders, grab rails, cleats, anchor rollers and more. Our team is skilled in the manufacture of custom parts. We utilize Fanuc robotic welding, CNC cutting, machining, bending and high quality electro-polishing to ensure that your parts will be completed in a consistent, high quality fashion.

Purchase ezCLEAT here

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dive N Dog Expanding Facilities

Dive N Dog is excited to announce the addition of a second location in Naples, FL. This completes phase one of our multi-year expansion plan and nearly quadruples the size of our US facilities. Our original location will continue to house our manufacturing capabilities with the second location serving as a distribution center. This addition will allow Dive N Dog to operate more efficiently and to better serve our customers.

“We are thrilled to take this step and very much look forward to the benefits it will provide both Dive N Dog as a company and all of the partners that we serve. As we enjoy the completion of phase one of our expansion plan we continue to work towards phase two and the addition of a mass production facility in Central America. Ultimately, our expansion plan will enable us to reduce costs and lead times and to further support the needs of our customers.” – Scott Rowles, President, Dive N Dog

Dive N Dog is a fully capable stainless steel fabricator located in Naples, Florida. We proudly manufacture an extensive selection of stainless steel marine accessories including: ladders, steering wheels, rod holders, grab rails, cleats, anchor rollers and more. Our team is skilled in the manufacture of custom parts. We utilize Fanuc robotic welding, CNC cutting, machining, bending and high quality electro-polishing to ensure that your parts will be completed in a consistent, high quality fashion.

At Dive N Dog we pride ourselves on delivering extraordinary customer service. To find out more about Dive N Dog visit