Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taco Marine: Offering Boaters Unprecedented Interchangeable Accessorizing Capability

Over the past half century, TACO® Metals has developed a reputation for introducing innovative new products and concepts to the marine marketplace that have greatly enhanced boating and fishing lifestyles. TACO’s engineers work closely with its OEMs, dealers and end-users at the outset of each new design to ensure the finished product offers outstanding value, performance and uncompromising quality. From towers and T-tops, to rub rails, to one of the most extensive lines of sportfishing equipment and accessories available today, Boat Depot relies on TACO’s expertise to help them make their own businesses succeed.

Now, the Miami-based company has expanded its product offerings to include a comprehensive, ground-breaking product line that gives boaters and anglers the unprecedented capability to accessorize and personalize their boats to suit their individual needs. TACO’s Accessory-ReadyTM cockpit system offers boaters a virtually unlimited choice of fully interchangeable, high quality products and accessories that can be used throughout their craft. Accessories can then be “swapped out” for different missions.

“Accessories can be added or removed depending on the purpose of the voyage. Fish during the day…cruise at night,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, TACO Metals marketing director.

How it works :
At the heart of the innovative system are TACO’s specially designed, patent-pending male and female Accessory-Ready Adapters, which “mate” to securely mount accessories where desired; they incorporate specially engineered splines that ensure precisely angled positioning. The adapters are incorporated into TACO’s Accessory- Ready T-top and Leaning Post, as well as being offered as an add-on for accessorizing any boat, T-top, poling platform, console or transom. These portable adapters can be clamped-on or flushmounted; the only tool required is a standard Allen wrench for tightening the locking pin and for adding and positioning the accessory. Installing and removing accessories takes just a few seconds.

TACO’s Accessory-Ready Adapters are available for multiple applications in multiple variations. Weld-on adapters allow fabricators and other OEM’s to incorporate the adapters directly into the boat, tower, bridge, arch or just about anywhere an accessory could be utilized. Portable adapters also are available in a wide assortment. Clamp-on adapters are offered in multiple sizes designed to fit pipe and tube commonly found on T-tops, railings, poling platforms and ski arches. There is also a series of adapters for mounting to flat surfaces, such as hard tops, consoles, bridges, gunwales, bulkheads, transoms, etc.

Widespread benefits:
The Accessory-Ready system offers a wealth of benefits for OEM’s, dealers, retailers and ultimately boat owners. OEM’s can add immediate value to their products by offering Accessory-Ready Adapters, allowing for customization. This system also can help to prevent damage to accessories during shipment. Unlike conventional designs with accessories welded in place, Accessory-Ready accessories can be removed prior to shipping and reinstalled once delivered. Boat dealers can readily demonstrate to their customers, right on the showroom floor, how an Accessory-Ready boat can transform from a fish boat to a cruiser in a matter of minutes. An accessory can be changed without the customer having to change the mount.

TACO offers an assortment of Accessory- Ready accessories (with adapter included), including drink holders, filet tables, knife and pliers holders. There are also a countless number of readily available marine accessories that can be conveniently added with the help of TACO Accessory-Ready Adapters, and offer cross-selling benefits to the retailer, including:
• Mounts for navigation equipment, LED displays, binoculars, camera and antennas
• Speakers, mirrors for watching towed skiers, portable fans.

Boat Depot is an authorized distributor of Taco® Metals marine products.

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