Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seating for your Bass Boat

Bass boat seats and casting seats are two types of boat seats that are most commonly found on a bass boat.

Bass boats are small, and are made specifically for bass fishing, which is mostly done in freshwater. Bass boat seats are also made specifically for bass fishing purposes: the seats swivel for easy movement when catching fish, often have a lower back with no arm rests or restrictions, and fit nicely inside the small bass boat.

Casting Seats are also used in bass boats. These seats have an extremely low or almost no back and sit on top of a pedestal.

Bass boats can also use bucket seats, which sometimes have arm rests and can often be folded down, bench seats which have cushions on both the seat and backs, and usually contain a storage area underneath, and lounge seats, which are back-to-back boat seats.

It is important to choose a bass coat set with sturdy materials, such as marine grade vinyl. The boat will be subjected to salt water, the sun, and rain, so it is important for your seats to be durable. They should also be cleaned after each use.

Two of the top manufacturers in bass boat seats are Wise and Tempress. They have seats in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so it will be easy to find one to coordinate nicely with your own bass boat. These seats are high-quality and affordable, and can be found at

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