Thursday, July 15, 2010

Autotether- a must have safety product for all boaters!


Boat safety is a serious issue. According to the US Coast Guard, 4,789 boating accidents were reported in 2008, which caused 3331 injuries and 709 deaths, and roughly $54 million dollars of damage. (

This could happen to you:

(St. Lucie Runaway Boat)

As the captain of your boat, it’s your job to make sure that you and your passengers are in good hands. This is why Autotether Lanyard is a must-have product for anyone who owns a boat. If you or one of your passengers falls overboard, the boat ignition immediately shuts off, and alarm will sound. Imagine taking your family out for a cruise and being able to relax and enjoy yourself knowing they’ll be safe.

Autotether is a wireless lanyard that connects right to the ignition switch. It will protect the boat operator and up to 3 passengers (including kids and pets). The captain and passengers wear small personal sensors which will transmit radio waves to the host/receiver that is connected to the ignition switch. If the captain goes overboard, the receiver will shut off the ignition within 1 ½ seconds, and alarm will sound to alert the other passengers. If a passenger falls overboard, the alarm will also sound.

Everything is done wirelessly, unlike products that “chain” the operator to the boat’s ignition. This allows you to move freely about the boat. The radio transmitter also works at a distance of 150 feet, so if the passenger is being towed behind the boat and falls overboard, the alarm will sound as well. For additional safety, there is also a red push button on the Autotether host to sound the alarm or stop the boat in case of possible danger.

Charlie Moore “the Mad Fisherman” of ESPN2’s “Beat Charlie Moore” and NESN’s “Charlie Moore Outdoors” agrees that Autotether is a product every boater needs. Check out his testimonial:

Since Autotether requires no hardwiring, it can easily be taken out of the boat and used by the pool or at the beach!

Have your child wear the Autotether sensor: if he or she goes into the water or strays over 100 feet from the receiver, the alarm will sound, letting you relax and have peace of mind!

Autotether is getting a lot of buzz. See for yourself:
Bloddy Decks Blog site

Numerous Marine Police and Government Agencies endorse and use The Autotether Products:

  • NOAA
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
  • Greenwich Marine Police (pictured below)
  • GLP Harbor Master
  • Miami-Dade Marine Police
  • Highlands County Marine Police
  • Florida Fish & Wildlife Marine Division
  • Lee County Sheriffs Marine Division
  • Polk County Sheriff Marine Division
  • Osceola County Sheriff Marine Division
  • Pinellas Sheriff Marine Division
  • Nassau County Sheriff Marine Division
  • Venice Police Marine Division
  • Sarasota Police Marine Division
  • Virginia Maritime Institute
  • Nantucket Harbormasters

Autotether is portable, powered by standard AAA batteries, and provides over 100 hours of protection.

Purchase Autotether products at Boat Depot before the summer ends!

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